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This is an original edition signed paperback of Eddie The Legend.




Eddie Fitzgerald never imagined he would do anything but follow in his father's footsteps as a star ballplayer. However, when his baseball dreams did not pan out, he resigned himself to an ordinary existence. After several years, the Seattle native moved to Long Island when his wife received a lucrative job offer.


A global pandemic would turn his mundane life and sixteen-year marriage upside down. When the world returned to normal, Eddie garnered the strength to move beyond tragedy and make new friends. With the help of his newfound inner circle, Eddie would discover the love and confidence he was lacking. Not only does he enhance the lives of those around him, but he transforms into the person he was truly destined to become.

Genre: Sports Fiction 

Triggers: alcoholism, anxiety, death, drugs, car accident, rape, domestic abuse, domestic violence, addiction

Eddie The Legend - First Edition Signed Paperback

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