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**** Did Not Disappoint - October 20, 2023
by S.M.
"“Sinful Peaks” is the immediate follow up to “Dinner for Two,” and Brian Scala did not disappoint! There’s more explanation about the characters’ lives, two spicy scenes, and of course several teasers (pun intended), too! Packed with humor and relatable experiences, “Sinful Peaks” was an enjoyable read. You should check it out. 😊



**** A Unique Take - August 10, 2023
by S.M.
"This is Brian Scala's first foray into the world of erotic writing, and the story is quite unique. He took a concept not unfamiliar to us (disappointment about uncontrollable circumstances) and made it something humorous and spicy. I like the way both characters approach the situation without overly heightened emotions. It makes it feel more real. Overall, a nice journey into a new genre! :)"

***** A spicy, unexpected, must read, short story! - August 24, 2023
by Marissa
"An unexpected spicy short story! I went into this not knowing much about the story line and was super surprised by it. It does have a very high level of spice so if you like that you need to check this out. Scala writes in such a descriptive manner and in such depth that really brings both characters to life. I highly recommend this short story."

***** Captivated by Eddie's Story - It Should be a Movie - June 28, 2023
by "mattfm77""
"In this new release from Scala, we're introduced to a character whose mundane life is turned upside down. As the world returns to a sense of 'normal', we see Eddie the Legend's transformation into the person he was always destined to become. I sure hope they make this book into a movie!."

**** Stories Within Stories - July 5, 2023
by S.M.
"I’ve got to admit, I am not a sports person. However, despite all the references that went above my head in this book, the underlying story was unique, captivating, and emotional. The characters were believable and made you want to root for them. The villains were still human but sincerely unlikable. No one was perfect all the way through. The commentary on how life changed during/after COVID was spot in. All in, this was a great read. Can’t wait to pick up more from Brian Scala!"

***** An Excellent Read - October 11, 2023
by K.V.
"This is an excellent read for sports fans, romantics and anyone who appreciates a good story of friendship, growth and unity. Scala’s writing style is smooth and engaging. His story was relatable and a definite page turner. I’d absolutely give this one 5 stars!"



***** Rock Star Story - March 17, 2016
by "seal"
"I completely enjoyed this book. It brings insight into a little known subject; for how many rock stars do we know personally with their stories laid out so barely, to be judged? This is an interesting debut novel , and I look forward to many more from this author."

**** "Being Made" made my week! - June 14, 2016

by "sweetpollee"
"Wonderful book. It had me riveted from the get go. Once you start the first page, the need to read and know what's going to happen next is non-stop! Can't wait for Mr. Scala's next book!!!"

***** Good Story - September 28, 2017

by "metfan"
"Very interesting read."
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