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***** Rock Star Story - March 17, 2016
by "seal"
"I completely enjoyed this book. It brings insight into a little known subject; for how many rock stars do we know personally with their stories laid out so barely, to be judged? This is an interesting debut novel , and I look forward to many more from this author."
**** "Being Made" made my week! - June 14, 2016
by "sweetpollee"
"Wonderful book. It had me riveted from the get go. Once you start the first page, the need to read and know what's going to happen next is non-stop! Can't wait for Mr. Scala's next book!!!"
***** - July 14, 2016
by "Lisa"
"Author Brian Scala's dedication to detail in the music and sports world helped mold his characters and grow his characters while taking them through other aspects of life's ups and downs. The main characters were likable and easy to relate to, showing readers their very human side on their ride to music and sports success. It was a pleasant read and I hope to see more from this author in the future."
***** Good Story - September 28, 2017
by "metfan"
"Very interesting read."
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