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A Core Memories Story

After their surprising, impromptu meeting, followed by a night of lust-filled passion, Bryce and Erin have unanswered questions about their true intentions going forward. While he is content with the status quo, and she is intent on beginning a new chapter in her life, circumstances cannot mask their mutual desire for another round of sinful bliss.

Genre: Romance / Erotic Fiction / Spicy 18+

Triggers: sex, sexually explicit scenes 

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A Core Memories Story

Once childhood acquaintances and now travelling professionals, Bryce and Erin have a mutual passion for sinful bliss. Erin, a full-time flight attendant, happily sends lewd videos to male pleasure seekers on the side to supplement her income, and Bryce, a regional sales manager, gladly partakes in her offerings.


When the chance finally presents itself for Bryce to fly to Erin’s hometown on business, he hopes for nothing more than to meet his dream girl in person, yet fate has other plans. Still, that won’t stop the two from reconnecting for an unusual and unforgettable experience, a dinner for two unlike anything they could have planned.

Genre: Romance / Erotic Fiction / Spicy 18+

Triggers: sex, masturbation, sexually explicit scenes 

Available Now for 99 cents on Amazon!
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Eddie Fitzgerald never imagined he would do anything but follow in his father's footsteps as a star ballplayer. However, when his baseball dreams did not pan out, he resigned himself to an ordinary existence. After several years, the Seattle native moved to Long Island when his wife received a lucrative job offer.


A global pandemic would turn his mundane life and sixteen-year marriage upside down. When the world returned to normal, Eddie garnered the strength to move beyond tragedy and make new friends. With the help of his newfound inner circle, Eddie would discover the love and confidence he was lacking. Not only does he enhance the lives of those around him, but he transforms into the person he was truly destined to become.

Genre: Sports Fiction 

Triggers: alcoholism, anxiety, death, drugs, car accident, rape, domestic abuse, domestic violence, addiction

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Sean Mattea was once a preeminent rock singer. From 1993 to 2005, his band, Black Swan, sold millions of records, garnered significant radio airplay and performed sold out shows all over the world. While the stars aligned perfectly to their ascent into rock n’ roll immortality, young Sean suffered through the most human of maturations. Personal failures and unspeakable tragedy would accompany him as he struggled to maintain his career. 

All the while, Billie Shaw experienced a similar rise to prominence as an elite women’s basketball player. Throughout the 1990’s and into the new millennium, her professional greatness was also marred by tragedy, family heartbreak and personal shortcomings. Despite their professional successes, they both lacked what was truly important in life. 

Once Sean and Billie met, they realized that not only were they very much alike, but a greater power was trying to bring them together the whole time. For years, Sean and Billie thought they had it made. Little did they know they were “Being Made."

Genre: Music Fiction / Sports Fiction

Triggers: alcoholism, addiction, anxiety, death, drugs, post-partem depression, car accident, rape

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